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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a basic profile and finish the registration process later?
Yes. If you save each section of the registration form that you completed, you will have the option of completing the remainder of the sections at a later time. Expect to receive periodic email messages reminding you to return, log in, and fill out the incomplete sections of your profile.
What happens if I skip "Technical" or other types of questions that are not flagged as required?
Although we encourage you to answer technical questions linked to specific specialties selected during the registration process, you may opt out of this. However, this could decrease potential partnership matching opportunities.
What should I do if I do not receive teaming or proposal opportunities after submitting a complete profile?
You will only be contacted if our staff identifies teaming or partnership matches when reviewing your profile. Our partnering strategy entails the identification and vetting of project partners as well as strategic suppliers in the early stages of our business development process. We often work with prospective partners during the capture and proposal phases. Should an opportunity arise, we hope you will be ready to play a key collaborator role throughout our proposal development and the delivery of services to clients. Also, please consider us for teaming opportunities that your organization may be priming.
We thank you for your interest in working with RTI International and submitting your information through our Partner Link-Up System (PLUS). We have designed the system to place the least burden on our partners and suppliers who register and we would like to receive feedback on your impressions of PLUS. The PLUS registration is voluntary and is one of the tools that you can use; however, you should also use other means of learning more about us, developing relationships with our staff, and collaborating with us.
  • Visit our newsroom and subscribe to RTI International news
  • Contact RTI when a specific opportunity is identified that might lead to partnering.
  • Visit our booth at major conferences and/or view our Events page.
  • Review other resources.
  • Stay in touch with colleagues that you may already know at RTI International.